Hurricane Harrison

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"There are countless stories of missionaries’ experiences through the Island fi elds of the South Pacifi c. Hundreds of expatriate couples and families had amazing encounters with Melanesians and Polynesians that live in these territories. Many went as teachers, others as nurses, some as secretaries and probably more went as ministers and administrators Roy Harrison had the rare background of teaching, nursing and ministry. He was a capable ship’s captain and married Lorna who has given most of the material that you find in this small volume. Having heard many of Roy’s experiences first hand, I felt that at least some of them should be recorded. I also heard stories from Ann and Peter, particularly during their Avondale College years when for some of their tertiary education I was on the College faculty. We trust that all who read this volume will understand better the blessings that missionaries have been to our church in the South Pacific." – David Currie

Autor Lorna Harrison, David Currie
Godina 2016
Uvez Meki
Broj stranica 88
Format 11,5x18
ISBN 9789531832519

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